Refund Policy

    • Refunds are possible only when we fail to deliver your order within 72 Hours.
    • Suppose you didn't order any digital product. You are eligible for a refund, but you need to contact us. ( Our Email )
    • Suppose digital product are not delivered. You need to send us the  screenshot of the payment and email us.
    • Refunds Won't be given if we have delivered your order. We keep every record of your order.
    • you must :  enter your actual contact email so that we can resolve any issues regarding your orders mutually. Also, we give free bonuses, So always read your email from us to claim your free bonus .
    • If you have any other queries, please contact us on live chat or email us at



Customer seeking to resolve any billing error or issue regarding our service shall send an email within forty-eight (48) hours of an alleged billing error to Without being limited by the preceding sentence, Customer agrees not to contest, seek reimbursement, chargeback, or otherwise seek non-payment or reversal of any payment however made, without limitation, via credit card or otherwise for Services rendered. Any such action is against Our TOS. If you raise Fake Disputes, we might take action and ban your account permanently.